Burning Summer

by Sleep Walk

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released November 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Sleep Walk Chula Vista, California

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Track Name: Not Today
No shit I got a lot to say
I won't stand in your line today
Approaching me, they're wasting my time
I won't let them take what's mine

My opinion rejects their rules
I can't believe they would take me a fool
Stay off and kick rocks
I wasn't born to fly in a flock

Paranoia and these liars
I'm surrounded by backstabbers
Watching them plot against me
I think it's time to stomp these liars

No, no, not today
Track Name: Frostbites
These people were born
to drive you cold
Too much exposure
You won't be the same

I've caught the cold
No cure for the cold
I've caught the cold
Sickness gets worse
I'm going to fold

The fuse has been lit
It's a matter of time
You'll get in their face
Cause a huge fucking mess

Track Name: Blots Of Ink
I'll never be like you
You believe what you read and hear
Self-righteous, you're so misunderstood
Your nose is up with the clouds

Bought into what's new
I can see past you
Another flock of fucking birds
Fly through a turbine

You can see them everywhere
They deny who they are
It's a sheep in wolf's clothing
Born with its head up its ass

Erase them, but they don't go away
Blots of Ink

No human faces, just blots of ink
Track Name: Burning Summer
Isolate, gain control
Inhale, exhale
I've lost my best
This isn't worth it

Keep my cool
Keep my cool

Burning summer

Smash my buttons and take in the abuse
Hold it in, pent up aggression
Wonder why I always feel like shit
Burning summer in my fucking head
Track Name: No B.S.
Phony or real
Can I believe the words that you sing?
Sometimes I cringe in my seat
So sincere, so embarrassing

Open your mouth and I'll walk away

Simple conversation
Make yourself look like you're so educated
Your topics are a total bore
Not that I don't get it, I just don't care

Fingers in ears, you're so dramatic
Track Name: Days In Hell
Some people just get no breaks
Life likes to see how much they can take
Wake up and hope for a better day
But that's not gonna come today

Pain has taught you
You know misery well
Pain has taught you
A day in hell

Breaking point, you wish you were dead
You care too much so you live on instead
Life of dysfunction, pain is all you feel
You try so hard to hide it, but you can't hold back the tears

That's just the game of life
Where losers can be winners
And winners can be losers