Dreaming Of a California Sun

by Sleep Walk

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released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Sleep Walk Chula Vista, California

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Track Name: Dreaming of California Sun
Days have passed by time don't cure this cold
Mood is black, weather is frozen
Ammunition is low, rations have gone bad
Soldier looks up to the sky and shouts

I'm dreaming of a California sun

Comrades are wounded and some can't even walk
The medic is insane, lost in his own mind
Platoon's morale has dropped below zero
Soldier looks up to the sky and shouts

I'm dreaming of a California sun
Track Name: American Blues
You've seen this before, man doesn't get what he wants
So he cries with no shame and complains and complains
Spoiled minds and hearts don't know how easy they got it
So they cry with no shame and complain and complain

American blues runs through you and the world is cold but you don't know

You're just mad because you didn't get your way

A cold world, you don't know

You've got the American blues
Track Name: Bad Moon Rising
CCR cover
Track Name: Lonely Boys
Day after day
Things just get worse

How many times did they tell you
Things were gonna get better
But they didn't, things just got worse
Now you're looking down, frustrated, depressed
Let down by your own hope
Punching walls, yelling in your head

Day after day
Things just get worse

Home is where the pain is 
And your peers... well fuck all of them
Talking to yourself, your one and only friend
Brothers have left, they've left you
And have joined this dead generation
You hang your head
You hang your fucking head

Feeling depressed
Feeling frustrated
Feeling hopeless
Feeling like me?
Sing this song with me

Forced to feel alone
Forced to be alone

If your feeling depressed
If your feeling frustrated 
If your feeling hopeless
And your feeling like me...